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7-Day Ride Schedule

Today 8/19   -  Tue 8/20   -  Wed 8/21   -  Thu 8/22   -  Fri 8/23   -  Sat 8/24   -  Sun 8/25

Time Pace Terrain Miles Climb Starting Point Tour Cue Leader Average Climb (feet/mile) Leader Comments Tour Notes Attendees
09:00 am D+ C 30 960 Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp. 13 Loantaka-Liberty Corner Michael Swearingen 32 Short ride for hot day. Note 9am start. Option to swap hill climb on Skyline for gravel on Lord Stirling. Stop at Priscilla's pantry mile 14.7.
09:00 am D+ C 37 1284 Colonial Park, Lot F 1050 The Dude Abides Les Garber 35 Sign online, bring a Q 9AM start for a hot day. Must avoid River RD due to construction. Will take Mt Lucas to Rocky Hill. Ride will be approx. 2 mi. shorter. Easy day.
10:00 am C C 37 1323 Kittatinny St. Park - Limecrest Rd. 539 Kittatinny-Skirting Jenny Mario Pompeo 36 Going up North to stay cool(er) and only 1323' of climbing on a nice Sussex County ride. Come and ride with me. Note starting time (10:00) Bring your cue sheet. No sign ups - No ride