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7-Day Ride Schedule

Today 10/16   -  Wed 10/17   -  Thu 10/18   -  Fri 10/19   -  Sat 10/20   -  Sun 10/21   -  Mon 10/22

Time Pace Terrain Miles Climb Starting Point Tour Cue Leader Average Climb (feet/mile) Leader Comments Tour Notes Attendees
10:00 am C+ C 38 946 Colonial Park, Lot F 1043 Leave the Gun Take the Cannoli John Parsekian 25 last minute but tues should be a good weather day
10:00 am C C 37 1204 Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp. 14 Loantaka-GoreTEX And TherMEX Richard Poore 33 No Gore Tex needed. No rain or I buy coffee at rest stop. Nice rest stop in Liberty Corner. No sign up no go.
10:00 am D+ C 35 1048 Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp. 336 Loantaka-Liberty Corner #2 Michael Swearingen 30 The local neighborhood ride for many of us. Ridden 18 times in past year, so popular. Stop at Ridge Bagel, mile 21.
04:50 pm TA C+ 24 1163 Pluckemin (Bedminster I) 1095 Go Home and Back to Bed Xue Li 48 Note 4:50pm start time. Depending on participants' interest, may do a training lap session. No sign up no ride.