Spring Picnic 2019

MAFW Spring Picnic

MAFW Spring Picnic for Members and Friends at the Duke Island Park Oak Pavilion (off to the right in the park).  If you have never been there, it's a beautiful venue along the South Branch of the Raritan with great rides. It has a giant gazebo, so rain is not a factor.     
Use this link to let us know you will be attending the Picnic.
Be at the Park before 8:30am for the Free Bike Skills Clinic or come for the Club Rides before the picnic (riding at 9:30)--or just for the Picnic (~12 noon). Bring a friend, spouse or significant other. No $$ charge! Check out the 7-day ride schedule for rides of all paces. 

Noreen Drucker is filling in for Mary Conrad as the director of operations for the Picnic.  Many thanks for taking the lead.

This year we will have a PICNIC BASKET CELEBRATION.
Members will be asked to bring food to share.
The club will provide the drinks and desserts. We will not be serving hot dogs and hamburgers!
NO BYO. The park does not allow alcoholic beverages.
We have divided the food into 3 categories: appetizers, main dishes and salads
Members whose LAST names begin with A-C please bring an appetizer
Members whose LAST names begin with D-O please bring a main dish
Members whose LAST names begin with P-Z please bring a salad

Noreen has offered the following suggestions.
The following is a list of possible Appetizers:  
Hummus and pita bread
Chips and dip
Cheeses and crackers
Veggie platter
Fruit platter
Tomatoes and mozzarella
Deviled eggs
Taco dip and tortilla chips
Your own idea 

The following is a list of possible Main dishes
Subs – please consider 2 or 3, depending on the size
Homemade sandwiches
Wraps – Perhaps 4
Rice and beans
Pinwheels ( cheese and ham and other things- rolled up)
Chicken – wings, drumsticks, breasts, salad
Swedish meatballs
Vegetarian options- slices of grilled eggplant, zucchini, onions etc
Knishes/ pierogis/empanadas
Ham or turkey slices/ sliced cheese ( great option for gluten free members)
Potato or sweet potato dish
Roast beef and horseradish
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Your own idea 

The following is a list of possible Salads
Cesar salad and dressing
Green or garden salad with or without tomatoes and dressing
Beet salad
Macaroni, potato, or pasta salad, preferably homemade
Egg salad
Bean or veggie salad
Chicken salad/steak salad
Taco salad
Your own idea 

Please remember to:
Deliver your food to the picnic table area BEFORE riding. If the food you bring needs to be kept cold, please bring your own ice and cooler labelled with your name.
Please bring serving spoons and plates for your dish.
Bring enough food to share with 4-5 people
We have no facilities for heating up any food.

NO BYO. The park does not allow alcoholic beverages.

Please email Noreen Drucker (mretth@aol.com) if you can volunteer to help out that day, especially before to set up.  Noreen has a list of chores that require 9 volunteers.  And, as always, we need the picnickers to stay and clean up at the end.  THANK YOU in advance to our volunteers' continued support as we would not have a club without you!!!  

Share this event on Facebook and Twitter. We hope you can make it!

Andrew Stroukoff

Bike Skills Clinic

Use the following link to register for the Skills Clinic at our Spring Picnic



Building More Confidence and Comfort When Riding in a Group

MAFW Biking 201 Skills Clinic

Where:  Duke Island Park   Old York Road in Bridgewater Township

When: Sunday May 19th at 8:30am 

Join Amy Horn for a Solo Bike Skills Refresher prior to the Picnic rides.

Items covered will be: 

Ride Prep

Bike Lingo

Appropriate Bike Clothing

Necessary Bike Gear

A Brush up of Bike Skills on our Obstacle Course

Club Rides to follow.


 Riding Skills Clinic: Complete 2019 Season Schedule