Ride Info

General Ride Information

Ride Schedule

Most members find the 7-day ride schedule to be the most convenient to view the ride schedule. Clicking on the "+" next to the time of the ride reveals important information about the ride. Clicking on the tour name will take you to a page with all the details for that ride as well allow you to add your name to the list of planned attendees.

If you are interested in rides past the next week you will want to look at the monthly ride schedule.

Note that the time listed on the schedule is when Freewheeler rides are rolling out of the parking lot. Ride leaders typically gather the group several minutes before that time for the pre-ride safety talk. You will want to arrive at least 20 minutes before the start time so you have time to sign-in, dress and set up your bike so that you are ready for an on time departure.

Pace & Terrain

Every ride has a pace and terrain rating. These categories are explained on the pace and terrain page.

Cancellations & Change in Start Times

Weather (rain, snow, extreme cold or heat, high winds) may cause ride cancellations. Ride Leaders post cancelations by adding a ride comment that includes the word "canceled". You do this by clicking "My Rides" under "Ride Leader" in the right-hand column of the club website. Find the ride you want to cancel and click "View" and then click "Edit". Canceled rides will have the word "CANCELED" in red appear after the tour name on the 7-day ride schedule. Ride Leaders should post cancellations at least two hours before the start time for a ride.

Occasionally, ride start times are adjusted due to weather. On extremely hot days during summer months, Ride Leaders may choose to start their rides earlier to beat the heat. Ride Leaders should make the decision to advance the start time the night before and inform the Ride Coordinator so that a change email can be broadcast.

Sometimes Ride Leaders choose to delay the start of a ride, for example to let rain stop. Ride Leaders can add a note to the ride comments that includes the exact phrase "Ride Change" by clicking "My Rides" under "Ride Leader" in the right-hand column of the club website, then finding the ride to be changed and clicking "View" and then clicking "Edit". Similar to ride cancelations, any delay in start time should be posted at least 2 hours before the original start time for the ride.

It is always a good idea for members to check the ride schedule before heading out to a ride.

Ride Cancellation Policy for No Online Signups

Ride leaders may cancel a ride if no one signs up online (maybes do not count as online signup). The cancellation can be posted no earlier than 6 PM the night before a ride and no later than 2 hours before the ride start time.

What this means for members: Please always check the ride leader comments for a ride you are interested in. The ride leader comments are displayed when you hit the "+" next to the time for a ride in the 7-day ride schedule, and are included in the announcement email for rides. When you see a ride with a comment that the ride will not go if there are no online signups or the tour name is in red font, you should: 

Signup online if you are sure you are doing the ride and then be confident that the ride will be held. If your plans change and you won't be doing the ride, please contact the ride leader directly as soon as you can.  Please do not uncheck your name and assume the Ride Leader will see it.  DO click on the Ride Leader's name on the Ride Schedule to get their email address to notify them directly.

Or, check back the morning of the ride to see if the ride leader has canceled the ride because no one has signed up online.


Club rides are open to non-member guests who would like to "try out" for a ride. Guests are asked to join after their trial ride.


Minors (under 18) are allowed on one club ride, provided they are accompanied by a  parent or legal guardian, who must (a) be a member, and (b) stay with the minor during the entire ride.


All members should be familiar with club's safety policy. In particular, a properly fitting bicycle helmet meeting CPSC standards must be used while riding on Club rides.